Ruby Sauna invites the interested web developer and seasoned Rubyist in northern Europe and Scandinavia alike. People new to the language will hopefully whet their appetite on a great ecosystem, while developers already working with Ruby will have a chance to meet like–minded people and listen to talks on interesting subjects.

Meet our speakers

  • Lucas Dohmen

    Lucas Dohmen

    Consultant at innoQ


    Codegolfing is an interesting sport: You try to write a program in the fewest characters necessary. Do you want to ship this code to production somewhere? Probably not, but just by trying this exercise you will learn a lot about your favorite programming language. You will also be surprised by how much you can do in just a few lines of code while the constraints will stimulate your productivity. Ruby is surprisingly good for golfing due to its Perl heritage.

    In this talk I will tell you a bit more about code golfing and then dive into some code I have golfed. I will show you some tricks I learned and how the desire to shave off a few more characters every time leads to new features in your tiny program that you thought would not fit in such a tiny program.

  • Julie Ng

    Julie Ng


    Mastering email in Ruby

    E-Mail persists after many decades and will also survive the next hyped communication technology. Despite being a pest, E-Mail is also an effective marketing channel and one of the most personal communications you have with your users and customers.

    Responsive HTML email is not as difficult as many think. We'll look at some common problems with solutions for developing bulletproof E-Mails. But most importantly we'll look at how programming workflow is just as important and how I use Ruby to do that.

  • Ben Lovell

    Ben Lovell

    Freelance Rubyist

    Ruby is dead alive!

    “Blah, blah Ruby is dead.” I'm getting tired of hearing this blatant falsehood and so should you. Ruby has never been more alive! I'm here to posit the argument that the Ruby language, runtime and community is in its renaissance. There was never a greater time to be a Rubyist BUT it falls upon us all to protect our ideals and help secure Ruby's future for another ten years. So what can we do to help? Let's get to the bottom of this and have some fun along the way…

    Shout it out - “Ruby is alive!” <3

  • Lightning talks!

    Lightning talks!

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Venue and Program

18:00 – 18:30
18:30 – 21:00
21:00 – 21:30
Lighthing talks
starting 21:30
Sauna and socializing

You can find us at

Sauna2 Kamppi
Leppäsuonkatu 11, 00100 Helsinki

More information can be found online at sauna2’s website (in Finnish) .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this ‘sauna’ you keep talking about?
A sauna is basically just a pretty hot (typically between 70 °C and 100 °C) and humid room or house. To spend time in the sauna is meant to be a relaxing and social experience.
If you haven't tried it before, you definitely should come to Ruby Sauna. Finns love their saunas so much they construct their homes around them.
Do I need to bring my own towel?
Yes, please! The venue does not provide towels unfortunately.
Is this a mixed sauna event?
No. It’s custom in Finland for women and men to visit the sauna separately. (Whichever group is smaller gets to go first.)
If you don’t associate yourself with either gender please get in touch with us prior to the event.
Is nudity compulsory in the sauna?
No, but it’s very uncommon in Finland to wear clothes in the sauna and we don’t recommend it.
Do you have a ‘Code of Conduct’ published somewhere?
Indeed we have and we’d really appreciate if you could take a minute to read it through.

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